Welcome to the French Dungeon Films website. This Website features videos, books, photos, stories and recordings from the French Dungeon and the lifestyle of its staff.

The site is mostly a story of Me, Mistress Amethyst.  It is a record of my day to day activities and includes sissy maid training, feminisation, chastity, domestic servitude, 24/7 complete service, punishment, humiliation, bondage and much more.

You will find video clips of me explaining my lifestyle and dealing with my many submissives.

I am always seeking new ideas and so your contributions are valued, please feel free to email.

I so love new ideas for punishment and humiliation. Remember even if you cannot come to me for  a session you can give me a suggestions for torment for my slave remember nothing is too extreme for him to suffer as far as I am concerned then you can watch it on video. I can also make videos to order for you alone and include your name and details.

Also if any Mistress would like to visit the French Dungeon and spend some time with me and bring a submissive  then please contact me.


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